Perseverance – Helen Roseveare

One of my favorite moments from the 2007 Desiring God National Conference was the message delivered by Dr. Helen Roseveare entitled “A Call for the Perseverance of the Saints.” Dr. Roseveare served for over twenty years as a medical missionary to the Congo, and now, in her eighties, has answered the call to the mission field of Northern Ireland. She is an incredible woman and an inspiration for us all. If you have time, you would do well to listen to this audio excerpt from Dr. Roseveare’s message.

I listened to the message again last night on my way back home after a long and troubling week and was greatly blessed. When going through a tough phase “in the valley,” I tend to get impatient and seek for a quick resolution from God. I was reminded again by Dr. Roseveare that God is in control, even in our personal struggles, and that it is important that we keep the faith and persevere. In her words: “It is utterly essential to persevere to the end. To start a race is fine; but it’s much more important that we finish, that we hit the tape.”

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Suffering and the Sovereignty of God

I stumbled upon a link to this NPR interview with John Piper while reading some comments at Justin Taylor’s weblog. This is a thoughtful, biblical response to people that question the sovereignty of God in the face of tragic events, in this case the 2005 Tsunami. The interview is about 30 minutes long but well worth the investment of time.

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Are You a Lone-Ranger Christian?

The following audio excerpt is from John Piper’s first sermon in a short series on the importance of church membership.

The message was entitled “How Important is Church Membership?” and I thought these two quotes were particularly insightful:

The New Testament knows of no Christians who are not accountable members of local churches in the sense that we have just seen. “Lone-Ranger Christians” are a contradiction because becoming a Christian means being united to Christ, and union with Christ expresses itself in union with a local body of believers. It seems to us that in the New Testament, to be excluded from the local church was to be excluded from Christ. This is why the issue of membership is so important.

Church membership is a blood-bought gift of God’s grace. More than most of us realize, it is a life-sustaining, faith-strengthening, joy-preserving means of God’s mercy to us. I urge you not to cut yourself off from this blessing.

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Rick Gamache: Let Us Run

Rick Gamache is Senior Pastor of Sovereign Grace Fellowship and one of my favorite preachers. He and the other members of the pastoral team have been preaching through the book of Hebrews for the past several months and I have benefited greatly from their messages. The following audio excerpt is from a sermon delivered yesterday on Hebrews 12:1-2 entitled “Let Us Run.” Please do yourself a favor and take a few moments to listen to Pastor Rick.

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